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Here are A Few Zincplex Reviews:

“The build up of white gunk on my scalp was horrible. I have dealt with it for years. When I went to my stylist and finally said something about it – it had been obvious for years but she never said a thing- she walked to the shelf and picked up a Zincplex Kit. She said to make sure that I used it regulary at first and put the cream on at night. It took about 3 washes and things started to change. After about 2 weeks my scalp was at least 75 % clear and now you wouldn’t know I had a problem if you looked my scalp. I have the occasional flake. My hair is not near as dry or brittle. It grows faster and looks 10 x healthier than it ever did before I started using it. I am loyal and use it at least 2 times per week now (4 months later) or if I feel that the white gunk on my head is starting to come back when I don’t use it. My Zincplex Review is that it really does work and it works well. I am about to start using the Biotin serum to pump up my hair growth a little bit.”

Allyson Degarmon,  Miami Fl

Oily Scalp Dandruff – What Is It – Work Works?

For many people that are trying to decide whether they have regular dandruff or something else such as a dry head that will often itch or even an allergic reaction – here is a symptom tip. People with dandruff often – 90% of the time deal with extra oils on the head -this does not mean that your hair is greasy or oily – only the head.

Does Dandruff Cause an Oily Scalp or Vice Versa

This is the chicken or the egg question! The answer is that it works both ways. The fungus that causes dandruff is called Malassezia. This particular fungus feeds off the scalp oils – sebum. Therefore if you have an excessive amount of sebum on the or in the hair follicle then the odds of this fungus growing out of control (this is what causes the itching and flaking) is very good. It is like leaving food out for stray cats. They will eventually find it. However, that is not the end all. When dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis are affecting you your scalp has several self defense mechanisms. One is to emit excess oils to try and rid itself of the fungi. It makes the interior of the follicle slippery. This helps to keep the hair fungus from sticking on the inside of the follicle.

If your head is overly oily then you may suffer from seborrheic dermatitis – this is an even more advanced staged of fungal growth on your head and inside the follicle. It is important to note that everybody has this fungus on the head, however when it reaches the higher percentages you will start dealing with dandruff and then at even higher percentages you will deal with seborrheic dermatitis!

What is The Best Answer For Itching, Flaking, Irritation And More?

Quite simply – remove the oil and dirt, debris and other junk that lingers inside the hair follicle. This serves two purposes. 1st – if the follicle is clean then the sebum response from the body will be lessened which means less sebum out put or production. However, by removing the excess oils you are also removing the food source for the fungi!

This is one of the reasons that Zincplex is giving such amazing results fro symptoms of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.  If you suffer from these conditions then definitely make sure to try us out and see why we are rated as the very best long term solution for all the symptoms of numerous problems. Remember that healthy hair grows from healthy scalp!


Scalp Scabs – Stop Picking and Start Healing These Sores with Zinc Pca

If you suffer from scalp scabs then you probably realize how hard it can be to get rid of them unless you understand what it really takes to cleanse out that hair follicle and set the conditions back to good.

For most people that suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic eczema as well as folliculitis on your head or even dandruff, you know that these sores spots can pop up at any time.

So What Causes Scalp Scabbing and How Can You Heal It?

The conditions listed above are the most common conditions that cause scalp scabs on the head. So which one is your problem. The easiest way to figure this out is to visit a doctor and get a diagnosis! However, if you want to self diagnose then when it comes to dandruff and especially seborrheic dermatitis then your scalp will tend to be oily. This is one of the dead give aways as to whether it is dry head flaking or outright dandruff flakes!

The culprit – when it comes to these sores you will find that overly oily scalps are almost always associated with most sores. This is typical as the fungus that causes dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and other problems feeds off these oils!

The Treatment That Doctors Give – No Long Term Value or Results

When it comes to the dermatologist they typically give prescriptions for medicated shampoos and steroids but most people will tell you, even the doctors that you can’t use the topical steroids long term as they will lend to an imbalance in the scalp and the result will be even worse problems down the road. This is why people with scabbing and sores say that they get around 10% satisfaction with doctors visits. There are not any real good long term answers there. We feel that the best solution is to create an environment in the scalp that any outside fungi or bacteria absolutely hate. This is done by deep cleansing the  hair follicle and removing years of toxic build up! When you remove the outside coating on the scalp itself you will see amazing results as it will allow the outter most skin on the head to restore its healthy, preventive barrier!

Give this amazing product a try and see why so many people are choosing Zincplex products for a healthy scalp!

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