How To Get Rid of Oily Scalp Problems With 3 Amazing Ingredients

One of the most common problems is too much oil in your hair or on your scalp. This is the result of an over active sebum gland. This sebacceous gland is what produces the oils that keep your hair follicle, scalp skin and hair from drying out!

Can You Have An Oily Scalp But Not Oily Hair?
Yes, often this is the case with African American Hair. The quality of scalp oils that the body is producing is too low or there are circumstances such as the current products that you use that prevent the oils from being distributed naturally over the hair.

What Problems Do These Greasy Conditions Cause?
One of the best things that you can do for healthy hair growth is prevent scalp problems such as preventing dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, itching and flaking and scalp acne to name a few. Anytime that there is inflammation in the hair follicle it can cause damage both long term and short term. The oils that the scalp produces are good except when produced in abundance. When this occurs problems such as dandruff, scalp acne and pimples,  seborrheic dermatitis, itching and flaking, sores, redness and even hair loss occurs form this imbalance. Read below about the ingredients that can balance your scalp!

What Are The Ingredients That End Oily Scalp & Hair Problems?
These ingredients are by far the best that we were able to find that were supported with lab testing and documentation. The very first ingredient that is the king of the ingredients with regards to slowing down production of scalp oils but not turning it off is ZINC PCA !

1st Ingredient – Learn About Zinc Pca In Shampoos, Conditioners and Lotion Therapies!
This is one of kind. It is the combination of a sodium pca and zinc. When combined it becomes a super zinc that not only slows down excess scalp oil production but it also helps to eliminated unwanted bacteria and fungus on the scalp. This is vital to healthy hair and healthy hair growth. Many breakage, slow growing and similar hair growth problems are related to excess bacteria and fungus on the head. See why zinc pca shampoo when combined with thyme and sage  is unbeatable.

Other 2 Ingredients:
Thyme and Sage are herbs that purify and irrigate the hair follicle. These two are vital to help remove any of the dirt and debris inside the follicle. This is vital since many times bacteria, sticky hair product residue and similar can enter the follicle – the scalp’s natural defense system is to secrete more oils to push out these contaminants. Then a viscous cycle begins as the bacteria and fungus love off the oils as well as the enzyme that promotes hair loss by converting testosterone to DHT.

What Products Do You Recommend That Can Help?

Zincplex was made for this very thing! The ingredients are designed to deep cleanse and purify while Zinc pca will regulate the amount of scalp oils. The results are truly remarkable. See why we are Top Ranked year after year for the hair products that actually create a healthy scalp and in turn healthy hair!

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Help I Have A Crusty Scalp

If you have scalp crusties you are not alone. There are literally millions of people that are looking for a good solution to their crusty scalp. So what are the causes and the treatments that work?

Causes Of A Crusty Scalp?
There are a few different causes that we have found. The first is an overactive sebum gland that produces too much of the scalp oils in the scalp. However, this alone would make the scalp excessively oily and build up to a crusty scalp. We believe that the crusties come from the people that also have excessive bacteria or toxins in the scalp, and possibly fungus. This is why many people that have suffered from dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis or folliculitis have the crusties.

How To Get Rid of Crusty And Scab Type Problem?
To hand the problem you must first purify the scalp of the toxins! Many people turn to typical over the counter dandruff shampoos such as t gel, selsun blue or head and shoulders. However, these alone don’t get rid of the cause which we believe is the excessive toxin build up, primarily in the hair follicle. This is why we made Zincplex to be a deep cleanser and root purifier while also have a unique form of zinc.

The trick is to open up the hair follicle and let it flow. But remember that Zinc pca also helps to regulate, in most scalp problem cases, it slows down the over production of scalp oils!

By deep cleansing, irrigating the hair follicle, cleansing the hair root and then finally flushing it out the follicle returns to a state of normalcy! This is what is needed for optimal scalp conditions and to get rid of symptoms associated with many different diseases such as dandruff flaking, seborrheic dermatitis sores and itching etc!

Zincplex was invented by a person that suffered from scalp problems for years! Now he does not! The other products didn’t work! Try these and you will see why the Zincplex products are constantly ranked as the best Healthy Scalp and Hair Products Available!

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Scalp Scabs Causes Pictures & Products That Work

When it comes to your scalp an slight imbalance can cause a lot of problems. These problems can steamroll into more serious problems if the imbalance is not fixed. Most of the time people with problems tend to focus on the end problem and not the imbalance and this causes the problems to linger or in many cases become much more severe.

This is the case with scalp scabs or sores as well as crusty scalp! The scab that you feel on your head is the final result but what caused the imbalance in the very delicate skin inside or just outside the hair follicle. The answer is typically a bacteria or fungal overgrowth.

What Causes The Main Imbalance For Scalp Scabs?
Most doctors will label your condition and call is either severe dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis of the scalp, eczema or a bacterial infection such as folliculitis. However, the important thing to note is that with the majority of these conditions the buildup inside the hair follicle is substantial, the ph of the scalp is too high and the scalp skin itself is down right toxic!

How Do You Correct An Imbalance?
The very first thing that should be done is to remove the foreign debris in side the follicle. This dirt, grime, product build up and more in nothing more than a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Finding the correct ingredients to do this is vital. We have found that literally none of the clarifying shampoos will deep cleanse the hair follicle.

There are however, many different herbs that literally melt away to sebum and dirt build up that allows the follicle to self flush. This is when a the flushed bacteria and fungus should be removed or destroyed. You can try regular otc dandruff type shampoos for this but after years of research we can tell you that zinc pca is by far the best ingredient. It is not only a natural bacteria and fungal fighter but it is also a natural way to decrease sebum production back to normal. This is vital since the bad bacteria and fungus feed of scalp oils. The zinc pca will not dry the scalp out but instead regulate the amount of oils that are produced on a regular basis

Itchy Or Bleeding Scalp Scabs – Here Is Your Remedy!

Deep cleanse and flush the follicle. Use a zinc pca conditioning treatment and finally keep the therapy coming for several weeks with all three Zincplex products. I know this works since I use these products myself.

I know This Works Because I Made Them For My Scabs, Sores & Severe Itching and Flaking

The Zinc Pca products were made by someone that suffered from this condition for nearly 20 years. The products were an answer to a very embarrasing condition. However, no the formulator or thousands upon thousands of other people are either totally symptom free or have complete control of their scalp symptoms because of the herbal and zinc based Zincplex shampoo, conditioners and deep penetrating lotion therapy for the roots!




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Itchy Scalp At Night

If you have an itchy scalp at night then odds are you are suffering from a very specific mite. This mite lives in the hair follicle and tends to be most active at night. Before you get alarmed, read the questions and answers about mites that live in your scalp and hair follicle.

Do I Have Mites – Do They Cause Problems – How To Get Rid Of Them?

You should know that everybody lives with mites, fungus and bacteria in their scalp. However, when the balances get out of control is when you start experiencing problems. So what causes the mites or fungus to grow out of control. There are many different causes. Here are a few.

1) Extremely oil scalp or hair can disrupt the balance!

2) The Ph of most shampoos on the market will raise the of the scalp. This is very bad since a low ph on the skin of the scalp is one of the main defenses.

3) Another problem is dirt and grime build up in or around the hair follicle. This allows for bacteria overgrowth inside the hair follicle. The dirt and debris are the perfect breeding ground for this bacteria.

What Is The Remedy For These Hair Mites or Itchy Scalp Mites?

Create a balance in the scalp again by removing the dirt and debris, flushing the bacteria and deep cleansing out foreign matter from the follicle. It is also important to re-establish the ph.

These Exact Problems Are Why The Zincplex Products Were Created!

Healthy hair and a healthy scalp all depend on the balance within the follicle and on the delicate skin on the scalp! These are vital and the most overlooked solution to symptoms that itching, flaking, open sores, dandruff symptoms, seborrheic dermatitis symptoms and much more. See why Zincplex is Top Rated and Always Voted As The Best For Your Scalp!

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Itchy Scalp & Hair Loss – Nothing Helps?

When it comes to itchy scalp there are many different causes, however the fact that the fact is unbalanced is always at the very root of the problem (pardon the pun). But it is very true. For nearly 15 years we have been studying hair roots through microscopes. 99% of people that have serious scalp problems have massive build up on the hair. Check out this picture of  man’s hair root that shows really bad build up the root of the hair. This is a hair that he ran his fingers through his hair  and it gently came out.

What Actually Causes The Hair Thinning From The Itching?

You an see the sebum build and attached to the sebum it dirt and bacteria. AND YES, this could be your hair. This was taken from a very middle class man that washed his hair one time per day. What causes the itchy scalp hair loss related problems. Most of the time it is the build up in the hair follicle. The build up can be dirt, bacteria, dht hormone, sticky hair products and more. The more bacteria, fungus and dht the more severe the itch is. This is because of the inflammation. To end the signs and syptoms of itchy scalp and thinning hair you must clear out that follicle.

That is where the ingredients in Zincplex come in. These ingredients were handpicked based on the purifying and breakdown ability. They literally melt away build up and flush the hair follicle. It also uses Zinc Pca which is a natural anti bacterial and fungal agent. No harsh fungus agents here. However, know that Zinc pca has been tested and proven to be extremely effective – it is just super gentle on the scalp. It actually hydrates the scalp and hair.

What Causes The Build Up In The Hair Follicle?

Every one of uses hair products that can utlimately contribute to the build up. These can be shampoos residue, hair gels, hair sprays, the sebum itself inside the hair follicle is sticky and pulls in dirt and grime from the air.

What Is The Treatment For Hair Follicle Build Up?

Talk to a doctor about this and they will just shrug and most likely prescribe steriods or heavily medicated shampoos. If you feel you should use those then go ahead, however each of those products comes with heavy side effects. Zincplex does not have any reported side affects at the moment because it is herbal and mineral based! See why Zincplex is voted #1!


Hair Loss Caused By Toxins

There are many different reasons for hair loss and hair thinning. One of the most over looked are toxins. The build up that occurs in the scalp typically does not happen over night. Because of this many people do not believe that it could be the cause of their thinning hair.

What Causes Scalp Build & Toxic Overload
The main reason that this turns into a problem is that the sebum that is produced inside the hair follicle is not cleansed or expelled. This sticky sebum attracts dirt and bacteria. It is literally drawn inside the hair follicle. Once inside it is the perfect breeding ground. The sebum becomes hardened and almost crusty. To try and push this sebum out the scalp will produce more sebum, however it does not and the problem becomes a viscous cycle. The hair follicle must be cleansed and irrigated. This Is Why Zincplex Does. It is similar to giving your car a new air filter or like flossing between your teeth to protect your gums. Make sure to cleanse or the problems that you face typically get much worse and much harder to deal with.

What Happens When My Hair Follicles Get Clogged?
As time passes symptoms will get worse and worse. In the beginning the symptoms could be slower growing hair, dry hair, hair that breaks easily but as time passes and the bacteria proliferates inside the hair follicle the symptoms become much worse and can lead to hair loss, severe itching and flaking, scalp sores, bad acne all over  the head and much more!

What is The Remedy For Toxin Build?
The only treatment is to remove the toxin build up that occurs a the scalp level and all the build up that occurs inside the hair follicle at the root level. There are very few hair products on the market that are designed to do this. Most believe that clarifying shampoos are made to do this. They are not. Clarifying shampoos strip the hair and at very best the outter layer of the scalp of product build up. Getting inside the hair follicle to cleanse the root is a whole different level. We currently do know of any shampoos that are even designed to do this other than Zincplex Hair Products.

Should I Use The Zincplex Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion Kit Or Just The Shampoo?
The very first time you should use the entire kit without a doubt. This is because the shampoo breaks up the debris and dirt but the conditioner and scalp therapy lotion help irrigate as well as eliminate the left over bacteria etc.

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Scalp Bumps – A Straight Forward Solution

Over 15% of The Population Suffers From Scalp Bumps Or Head Bumps!

The bumps on the scalp come in different shapes and sizes. They can be small red or they can be large and oil filled  that are as big as the end of your thumb. They can be found on overly oily scalps or they can be on extremely dry scalp and everything in between. The main thing to remember is that over 90% of the bumps are caused hair follicles that have become filled with bacteria, fungus and dirt (sometimes very sticky because of the hair products that we use) and other foreign junk. This gravitates toward the hair follicle opening where the scalp oils capture the dirt as any oil would. The dirt is then pulled down inside the hair follicle and becomes a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and fungus.

The results are usually some type of scalp disorder or scalp problems. This imbalance in the scalp can cause everything from pimples on the scalp to other more serious problems that include dandruff, severe dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning as well more moderate problems such as puss pimples on the scalp.

So what is the solution or remedy? While most people try to use steroid creams and harsh anti fungal shampoos these products don’t get to the source of the problem. The problem lies in removing the bacteria and built up product, sebum and so on from the follicle sheath  including down underneath the hair root inside the follicle.

Zincplex Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Lotion Therapy are designed to deep cleanse, irrigate and purify the hair follicle and hair root! The results are phenomenal! Go After The Causes and Learn How To End The Symptoms!

Order The Zincplex Products Here

How I Got Rid of Scalp Sores

For years I suffered from Scalp Sores as well as a red itchy scalp. It occurred at the hair line and all over my scalp. I specifically remember that it was a really bad itch at the crown of my head and at the hair line. The products that I had tried included Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders, T Gel, Nizoral and Apple Cider Vinegar.

None Of These Worked On My Head or Scalp Sore Problem

None of these products worked well enough on the sores on my head for me to keep using  them. However, I had no choice since it seemed like the other hair shampoos, conditioners and similar products all my scalp and hair worse. Yes, I said hair also. The one thing that I have learned is that when your scalp is in bad shape including itchy, flaky, scaling etc then your hair is affected. It can mean that you hair looks dull and unhealthy as well as it can mean that your hair just flat out won’t grow!

They diagnosed me with seborrheic dermatitis since I had the oily scalp to go along with the flaking and severe itching on my head, espcially at my hair line and around the back of my head near the base but defintely up above my hair line. It seemed to me that everytime I ate something sweet then the itching, redness, flakes and sores got much more severe. I have later learned that I was right about that since the cause of my scalp sores is the imbalance in the scalp that allows fungus and bacteria to grow out of hand. By keeping the scalp balanced you can eliminate many of the symptoms that major scalp problems can cause. We strongly suggest that if you have sores on your head and want massive symptom improvement then try Zincplex today! It changed my life!

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Understanding The Cause Of Pimples On The Scalp

Pimples on scalp or scalp acne as they are commonly called, are less common than the acnes that appear on the face but develop the same way. The scalp produces a protective layer of oil called the sebum. This oil finds its way to the surface of the scalp through the pores in the skin. When the pores are blocked by dead skin cells, dirt or other substances, the sebum gets clogged. Bacteria houses in the clogged sebum and multiply in numbers. When bactieria multiply, they become bigger causing pimples on scalp to appear. So basically pimples on scalp are formed due to clogging of pores as a result of blockage. It is very diffcult to acertain the exact cause of blocakges to occur. For some, it can be hormones and for others it can also be due to excess oil production in the scalp. Apart from these factors, hair shampoos, hair conditioners, styling agents and certain hair care products can contain ingredients that can cause pimples on scalp.

Scalp Pimples Remedy

What you do not want to do is to use a typical treatment for acne as these acne treatments or remedies will often do much more damage than good in teh fact that they dry out the hair and scalp and can cause long term term damage. Another main reason is that they do reach the bacteria that is deep down inside the hair follicle. The best way to get to this bacteria and eliminate it is with an ingredient called zincpca-c. Zincplex uses this along with irrigating and super deep cleansing herbs. We are able to get deep down to the hair root where this bacteria wants to hide. Zincplex hair products are also able to remove obstacles that block or clog up the hair follicle opening – this scalp build up is what the bacteria likes to hide behind. We strongly suggest that check out the Scalp Acne Kit that includes the Scalp Acne Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Lotion!

How Scalp Fungus is Caused and How It is Treated?

There are many micro organisms that pose bad effects on human beings. One of them are scalp infections and scalp fungal infections. It is caused by fungus or bacteria that has worked its way past the scalp’s defenses.. The infection is mainly due to the improper maintaining of the hair that can cause excess sebum or reduction in the scalp’s outter most defensive layer. Using high PH content shampoos, keeping the hair oily or greasy and the unhealthy lifestyle environments are the main causes for this infection. Fungi usually remain alive on combs, hairs, unwashed towels and wooden things. Some time, human beings also act as carriers of fungus. This micro organism also gets spread by animals. This fungus affects the root of hair and causes infection. The infection results in the formation of ringworm like structure.

This also causes dandruff problem and hair loss resulting in bald patches in male. There are various treatments followed for curing scalp fungus. Several anti-fungal medicines are prescribed by the dermatologist to avoid or cure the infections. Medicines are available in the form of shampoos and creams. People are advised to take professional help in finding the product and avoid side-effects.

Zincplex Herbal Ingredients and Zincpca-c Are Magic Bullets

The zinc that is used in Zincplex has been tested and proven to both anti fungal and anti bacterial. This is key for people that want to eliminate symptoms of many different scalp problems. The herbs help to irrigate and cleanse which resets the scalp’s defenses. This is extremely important for long term health of the scalp.

Remember that Zincplex is more than just a shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion. It was designed to give your hair, scalp and the roots that feed nourishment to the hair root a brand new beginning. Years of buildup, scalp problems such as dandruff, acne, bumps, sores etc can cause a viscous cycle that is hard to exit. Zincplex is designed to give short term visible results as well as long term. it is herbal based and does not contain harsh anti fungals like most anti fungal shampoos on the market like Ketaconazale, Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders and similar anti dandruff shampoos that are on the market!

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