Itchy Scalp At Night

If you have an itchy scalp at night then odds are you are suffering from a very specific mite. This mite lives in the hair follicle and tends to be most active at night. Before you get alarmed, read the questions and answers about mites that live in your scalp and hair follicle.

Do I Have Mites – Do They Cause Problems – How To Get Rid Of Them?

You should know that everybody lives with mites, fungus and bacteria in their scalp. However, when the balances get out of control is when you start experiencing problems. So what causes the mites or fungus to grow out of control. There are many different causes. Here are a few.

1) Extremely oil scalp or hair can disrupt the balance!

2) The Ph of most shampoos on the market will raise the of the scalp. This is very bad since a low ph on the skin of the scalp is one of the main defenses.

3) Another problem is dirt and grime build up in or around the hair follicle. This allows for bacteria overgrowth inside the hair follicle. The dirt and debris are the perfect breeding ground for this bacteria.

What Is The Remedy For These Hair Mites or Itchy Scalp Mites?

Create a balance in the scalp again by removing the dirt and debris, flushing the bacteria and deep cleansing out foreign matter from the follicle. It is also important to re-establish the ph.

These Exact Problems Are Why The Zincplex Products Were Created!

Healthy hair and a healthy scalp all depend on the balance within the follicle and on the delicate skin on the scalp! These are vital and the most overlooked solution to symptoms that itching, flaking, open sores, dandruff symptoms, seborrheic dermatitis symptoms and much more. See why Zincplex is Top Rated and Always Voted As The Best For Your Scalp!

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Itchy Scalp & Hair Loss – Nothing Helps?

When it comes to itchy scalp there are many different causes, however the fact that the fact is unbalanced is always at the very root of the problem (pardon the pun). But it is very true. For nearly 15 years we have been studying hair roots through microscopes. 99% of people that have serious scalp problems have massive build up on the hair. Check out this picture of  man’s hair root that shows really bad build up the root of the hair. This is a hair that he ran his fingers through his hair  and it gently came out.

What Actually Causes The Hair Thinning From The Itching?

You an see the sebum build and attached to the sebum it dirt and bacteria. AND YES, this could be your hair. This was taken from a very middle class man that washed his hair one time per day. What causes the itchy scalp hair loss related problems. Most of the time it is the build up in the hair follicle. The build up can be dirt, bacteria, dht hormone, sticky hair products and more. The more bacteria, fungus and dht the more severe the itch is. This is because of the inflammation. To end the signs and syptoms of itchy scalp and thinning hair you must clear out that follicle.

That is where the ingredients in Zincplex come in. These ingredients were handpicked based on the purifying and breakdown ability. They literally melt away build up and flush the hair follicle. It also uses Zinc Pca which is a natural anti bacterial and fungal agent. No harsh fungus agents here. However, know that Zinc pca has been tested and proven to be extremely effective – it is just super gentle on the scalp. It actually hydrates the scalp and hair.

What Causes The Build Up In The Hair Follicle?

Every one of uses hair products that can utlimately contribute to the build up. These can be shampoos residue, hair gels, hair sprays, the sebum itself inside the hair follicle is sticky and pulls in dirt and grime from the air.

What Is The Treatment For Hair Follicle Build Up?

Talk to a doctor about this and they will just shrug and most likely prescribe steriods or heavily medicated shampoos. If you feel you should use those then go ahead, however each of those products comes with heavy side effects. Zincplex does not have any reported side affects at the moment because it is herbal and mineral based! See why Zincplex is voted #1!