How To Get Rid of Oily Scalp Problems With 3 Amazing Ingredients

One of the most common problems is too much oil in your hair or on your scalp. This is the result of an over active sebum gland. This sebacceous gland is what produces the oils that keep your hair follicle, scalp skin and hair from drying out!

Can You Have An Oily Scalp But Not Oily Hair?
Yes, often this is the case with African American Hair. The quality of scalp oils that the body is producing is too low or there are circumstances such as the current products that you use that prevent the oils from being distributed naturally over the hair.

What Problems Do These Greasy Conditions Cause?
One of the best things that you can do for healthy hair growth is prevent scalp problems such as preventing dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, itching and flaking and scalp acne to name a few. Anytime that there is inflammation in the hair follicle it can cause damage both long term and short term. The oils that the scalp produces are good except when produced in abundance. When this occurs problems such as dandruff, scalp acne and pimples,  seborrheic dermatitis, itching and flaking, sores, redness and even hair loss occurs form this imbalance. Read below about the ingredients that can balance your scalp!

What Are The Ingredients That End Oily Scalp & Hair Problems?
These ingredients are by far the best that we were able to find that were supported with lab testing and documentation. The very first ingredient that is the king of the ingredients with regards to slowing down production of scalp oils but not turning it off is ZINC PCA !

1st Ingredient – Learn About Zinc Pca In Shampoos, Conditioners and Lotion Therapies!
This is one of kind. It is the combination of a sodium pca and zinc. When combined it becomes a super zinc that not only slows down excess scalp oil production but it also helps to eliminated unwanted bacteria and fungus on the scalp. This is vital to healthy hair and healthy hair growth. Many breakage, slow growing and similar hair growth problems are related to excess bacteria and fungus on the head. See why zinc pca shampoo when combined with thyme and sage  is unbeatable.

Other 2 Ingredients:
Thyme and Sage are herbs that purify and irrigate the hair follicle. These two are vital to help remove any of the dirt and debris inside the follicle. This is vital since many times bacteria, sticky hair product residue and similar can enter the follicle – the scalp’s natural defense system is to secrete more oils to push out these contaminants. Then a viscous cycle begins as the bacteria and fungus love off the oils as well as the enzyme that promotes hair loss by converting testosterone to DHT.

What Products Do You Recommend That Can Help?

Zincplex was made for this very thing! The ingredients are designed to deep cleanse and purify while Zinc pca will regulate the amount of scalp oils. The results are truly remarkable. See why we are Top Ranked year after year for the hair products that actually create a healthy scalp and in turn healthy hair!

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