Scalp Scabs – Stop Picking and Start Healing These Sores with Zinc Pca

If you suffer from scalp scabs then you probably realize how hard it can be to get rid of them unless you understand what it really takes to cleanse out that hair follicle and set the conditions back to good.

For most people that suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic eczema as well as folliculitis on your head or even dandruff, you know that these sores spots can pop up at any time.

So What Causes Scalp Scabbing and How Can You Heal It?

The conditions listed above are the most common conditions that cause scalp scabs on the head. So which one is your problem. The easiest way to figure this out is to visit a doctor and get a diagnosis! However, if you want to self diagnose then when it comes to dandruff and especially seborrheic dermatitis then your scalp will tend to be oily. This is one of the dead give aways as to whether it is dry head flaking or outright dandruff flakes!

The culprit – when it comes to these sores you will find that overly oily scalps are almost always associated with most sores. This is typical as the fungus that causes dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and other problems feeds off these oils!

The Treatment That Doctors Give – No Long Term Value or Results

When it comes to the dermatologist they typically give prescriptions for medicated shampoos and steroids but most people will tell you, even the doctors that you can’t use the topical steroids long term as they will lend to an imbalance in the scalp and the result will be even worse problems down the road. This is why people with scabbing and sores say that they get around 10% satisfaction with doctors visits. There are not any real good long term answers there. We feel that the best solution is to create an environment in the scalp that any outside fungi or bacteria absolutely hate. This is done by deep cleansing the  hair follicle and removing years of toxic build up! When you remove the outside coating on the scalp itself you will see amazing results as it will allow the outter most skin on the head to restore its healthy, preventive barrier!

Give this amazing product a try and see why so many people are choosing Zincplex products for a healthy scalp!

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Pimples In The Weirdest Places – We Have The Remedy

When Most People Think PImples they think face, forehead, back and maybe chest. But what about all the crazy places that these pimples and bumps can occur. For example how about people that suffer from pimples on their breast, genitals and chest or maybe the back of the arms, elbows and knees? What products or treatments do you use on these!

Well It So Happens Zincplex Body Wash & Shampoo Was Made For These Oddly Placed Bumps!

We can honestly say that when we made Zincplex, we were doing more than just thinking of one ingredient that would knock back pimples for a few days or maybe dry out your skin to the point of no return.

Instead we looked at all the conditions that made it right for pimples to form. Yes, they are typically caused by bacteria – but why are some so stubborn and persistent that won’t go away and then some will literally disappear right away!

The Answer is In The Conditions Of The Skin and Scalp!

If your skin is ph wrong – usually too high or if your pore and hair follicles are full or dirt and years worth of product build up that can clog follicles and pores then you are going to have problems. These are the conditions where bacteria and fungus will thrive – they will feed off of each other and make your symptoms persistent and on going!

pimples your arms legs knees and elbows remedyThis is Why Zincplex is Different!

While most body washes and shampoos are ph very high Zincplex is not. The skin ph is 4.5. The reason why it is so low is because when it stays at that ph is kills would fungus and bacteria that can cause numerous scalp and skin problems! Our products are slightly above that ph but nowhere near the ph of 7 that most shampoos are!

Zincplex hair products and body washes also uses deep cleansing complexes. We intend on cleaning our skin pores and hair follicles of the nasty dirt and debris that bacteria love! This alone gives your scalp a fresh restart right away!.

If you are suffering from bumps or pimples anywhere on your external body Give Zincplex a try and see why we are the product that everyone is recommending! We are proud to be Voted #1 By Consumers several years running!


Looking For a Dandruff Quick Fix, Cure or Remedy

Dandruff Not Going Away? That Persistent Itching and Flaking that comes in patches or can even make your hair fall out. So What are the remedies that work? What is the dandruff quick fix, cure or even a long term remedy to get everything back to normal!

Dandruff Quick Fix or Remedy

We get this question everyday and here is what we have to tell you. We can’t talk about cures, treatments or remedies since – yes, believe it or not dandruff is considered a disease. BUT don’t fret. Here is what dandruff really is to you!

It is persistent itching and flaking on the scalp that can show up in patches or all over including the crown and hair line of the head. The quick fix is to reset the scalp back to healthy. Many, as we do, believe that fungus is the caused of dandruff. In order for fungus to thrive you have to a bad scalp environment – good for the fungus.

Read more about Zincplex below!

What Works Best?

Deep cleansing the scalp is by far the best quick fix that we have seen that works for everybody. Over time we get build up on our scalp! It makes it very tough to get rid o the symptoms including the irritation

There are plenty of medicated shampoos that offer relief but very few of the medicated shampoos give lasting relief. You get long term relief by re calibrating the scalp including lowering the ph to where it should be, feeding the hair root, cleansing out the hair follicle. Yes, focus on prevention but don’t forget about this year. We need to get on some of the

At we used the very best natural based and herbal based ingredients

1) PH correctly

2) Cleanse and feed the hair root

3) Remove dirt and Debris inside the hair follicle


Help I Have A Crusty Scalp

If you have scalp crusties you are not alone. There are literally millions of people that are looking for a good solution to their crusty scalp. So what are the causes and the treatments that work?

Causes Of A Crusty Scalp?
There are a few different causes that we have found. The first is an overactive sebum gland that produces too much of the scalp oils in the scalp. However, this alone would make the scalp excessively oily and build up to a crusty scalp. We believe that the crusties come from the people that also have excessive bacteria or toxins in the scalp, and possibly fungus. This is why many people that have suffered from dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis or folliculitis have the crusties.

How To Get Rid of Crusty And Scab Type Problem?
To hand the problem you must first purify the scalp of the toxins! Many people turn to typical over the counter dandruff shampoos such as t gel, selsun blue or head and shoulders. However, these alone don’t get rid of the cause which we believe is the excessive toxin build up, primarily in the hair follicle. This is why we made Zincplex to be a deep cleanser and root purifier while also have a unique form of zinc.

The trick is to open up the hair follicle and let it flow. But remember that Zinc pca also helps to regulate, in most scalp problem cases, it slows down the over production of scalp oils!

By deep cleansing, irrigating the hair follicle, cleansing the hair root and then finally flushing it out the follicle returns to a state of normalcy! This is what is needed for optimal scalp conditions and to get rid of symptoms associated with many different diseases such as dandruff flaking, seborrheic dermatitis sores and itching etc!

Zincplex was invented by a person that suffered from scalp problems for years! Now he does not! The other products didn’t work! Try these and you will see why the Zincplex products are constantly ranked as the best Healthy Scalp and Hair Products Available!

Shampoo and herbal treatments for crusty scalp


Hair Loss Caused By Toxins

There are many different reasons for hair loss and hair thinning. One of the most over looked are toxins. The build up that occurs in the scalp typically does not happen over night. Because of this many people do not believe that it could be the cause of their thinning hair.

What Causes Scalp Build & Toxic Overload
The main reason that this turns into a problem is that the sebum that is produced inside the hair follicle is not cleansed or expelled. This sticky sebum attracts dirt and bacteria. It is literally drawn inside the hair follicle. Once inside it is the perfect breeding ground. The sebum becomes hardened and almost crusty. To try and push this sebum out the scalp will produce more sebum, however it does not and the problem becomes a viscous cycle. The hair follicle must be cleansed and irrigated. This Is Why Zincplex Does. It is similar to giving your car a new air filter or like flossing between your teeth to protect your gums. Make sure to cleanse or the problems that you face typically get much worse and much harder to deal with.

What Happens When My Hair Follicles Get Clogged?
As time passes symptoms will get worse and worse. In the beginning the symptoms could be slower growing hair, dry hair, hair that breaks easily but as time passes and the bacteria proliferates inside the hair follicle the symptoms become much worse and can lead to hair loss, severe itching and flaking, scalp sores, bad acne all over  the head and much more!

What is The Remedy For Toxin Build?
The only treatment is to remove the toxin build up that occurs a the scalp level and all the build up that occurs inside the hair follicle at the root level. There are very few hair products on the market that are designed to do this. Most believe that clarifying shampoos are made to do this. They are not. Clarifying shampoos strip the hair and at very best the outter layer of the scalp of product build up. Getting inside the hair follicle to cleanse the root is a whole different level. We currently do know of any shampoos that are even designed to do this other than Zincplex Hair Products.

Should I Use The Zincplex Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion Kit Or Just The Shampoo?
The very first time you should use the entire kit without a doubt. This is because the shampoo breaks up the debris and dirt but the conditioner and scalp therapy lotion help irrigate as well as eliminate the left over bacteria etc.

hair loss shampoo and conditioner