Scalp Bumps

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What Causes Scalp Bumps?

There are several things that causes bumps on your scalp. It can be a form of acne, it can be an allergic reaction as well as specific scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp etc. However, the most common cause it bacteria that is trapped inside the hair follicle. 99% of hair shampoos can do nothing about this. However, the combination of products from Zincplex can eliminate this cause and keep it from coming back!

Bumps On Your Scalp Eliminated With Special Herbs and Zinc

Even clarifying shampoos have very little success with deep cleansing the hair follicle of built up debris, junk, hair products, bacteria and hardened sebum (that can get as hard as candy). Our special combination of herbs can eliminate the build up, flush the hair follicle of unwanted debris and ultimately give your hair follicle a brand new, deep cleansed start again! There are not any other hair products on the market like Zincplex. They smell great and get your scalp back to healthy. And remember that a healthy scalp means healthy hair growth!

What To Expect With Zincplex?

What exactly does Zincplex Shampoo, Zincplex Conditioner and Zincplex Scalp Therapy Lotion do that help end scalp problems especially scalp bumps? The answer is that it doesn’t fight fungus and bacteria. It helps to deep cleanse out the hair follicle!!! This is vital for a longer term healthy scalp. This means that the dirt and debris in the hair follicle will be removed, irrigated and flushed out. The herbs help to eliminate the hardened scalp oils that trap bacteria inside the hair follicle. This bacteria actually grows around the dirt and debris that is trapped inside the hair follicle. The result is bumps on the scalp that can be white, red as well as small or large.

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