Looking For a Dandruff Quick Fix, Cure or Remedy

Dandruff Not Going Away? That Persistent Itching and Flaking that comes in patches or can even make your hair fall out. So What are the remedies that work? What is the dandruff quick fix, cure or even a long term remedy to get everything back to normal!

Dandruff Quick Fix or Remedy

We get this question everyday and here is what we have to tell you. We can’t talk about cures, treatments or remedies since – yes, believe it or not dandruff is considered a disease. BUT don’t fret. Here is what dandruff really is to you!

It is persistent itching and flaking on the scalp that can show up in patches or all over including the crown and hair line of the head. The quick fix is to reset the scalp back to healthy. Many, as we do, believe that fungus is the caused of dandruff. In order for fungus to thrive you have to a bad scalp environment – good for the fungus.

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What Works Best?

Deep cleansing the scalp is by far the best quick fix that we have seen that works for everybody. Over time we get build up on our scalp! It makes it very tough to get rid o the symptoms including the irritation

There are plenty of medicated shampoos that offer relief but very few of the medicated shampoos give lasting relief. You get long term relief by re calibrating the scalp including lowering the ph to where it should be, feeding the hair root, cleansing out the hair follicle. Yes, focus on prevention but don’t forget about this year. We need to get on some of the

At Zincplex.com we used the very best natural based and herbal based ingredients

1) PH correctly

2) Cleanse and feed the hair root

3) Remove dirt and Debris inside the hair follicle