Flaking In Your Eyebrows and Beard – We Have Solutions

This might seem like it is a very rare problem but this is not the case. Over 15% of customers that experience itching and flaking on their heads also experience it in either their beard of their eyebrows. Many also have the flakes and itch in their ears and in other places!

What Causes the Flaking in The Beard and Eyebrows?
Most would simply say dandruff. This term is a catch all to basically say that you have itching and flaking. It is the medical term, but what exactly is going on to cause the itch and flake problem and what can be done to fix it?

In our hair follicles there are a certain number of micro organisms. This is normal. Part of the normal clan are the malassezia globosa and furfur family. At low levels there are not any symptoms what so ever. However, for about 50% of the population the fungi levels become too high. When this happens the acid that is produced from this fungus causes the symptoms that your doctor calls dandruff.

If the number continues to grow then they will call your problem seborrheic dermatitis! The trick is to keep the level of the micro organisms at normal. To do that we have to see why they grow out of control on certain people and cause the symptoms that are experiencing in your beard, hair, eyebrows and in some cases eye lashes and ears.

How To Fix The Problem – Long Term
The main thing to remember is that the fungus can only grow out of control when the conditions on the scalp allow it to. The body’s normal defense system is enough to keep this fungus from growing at levels high enough to produce symptoms.

The very first problem is that the ph inside of the hair follicle and scalp skin or facial skin is too high. This typically occurs over time by using face and shampoo products that are ph high. A lower ph helps the scalp defense barrier to fight off fungus and bacteria.

The second problem then occurs where bacteria and fungi can grow virtually untouched from shampoos and hair products when they are inside the hair follicle. These all need to be flushed out and eradicated.

Finally, the amount of scalp oils that are produced to be in the normal range. Most people that truly have dandruff and not just a dry scalp have excess scalp oils or super clogged hair follicles. Seborrheic dermatitis is diagnosed based on excess skin and scalp oils.

How Can You Help With All Of Those?
You guessed it! Zincplex Ingredients target all of the above problems in a natural and herbal based method! By helping to restore balance you prevent long term problems and also get short term results.

I can tell you from experience that it works. It was designed for me and my scalp problems over 15 years ago. My scalp went from white gunk with scalp sores and serious large yellow and white flakes to no trace at all of these problems. Yes, I can get an occasional flare once in a blue moon, but that is easily handled.

My hair grows much healthier and looks better than it did when I had all those problems! Give Zincplex A Shot and You Will See We Are Top Rated!!!