If Its Clogged – It Won’t Grow — Hair That Is!

That is the truest statement that has ever been made about hair growth. Think of the hair follicle as a hole that you have dug out to plant a bush of some type. The plant itself would obviously be your hair root and the whole would be the hair follicle. Now think of the roots that grow out. Many are very small but very necessary. Your hair root is not much different. Using that same scenario!

If the hole has a bunch of rocks in the bottom of it or if the soil is very hard then the plant has a serious time trying to grow simply because it cannot get the nutrition that it needs to grow. Your follicle is very similar to this. Over time sebum can become as hard as candy and dirt and even hormones can fill up the follicle. It literally just sits inside the follicle preventing the hair root from doing what it needs to do! What you need is a hair root cleansing – flush out the junk!

What Should You Do For Faster Hair Growth?

How Do You get Faster Growing Hair? Simple! Clean out the hair root and the hair follicle. But what ingredients can do this. There are some that you can try that have decent success such as jojoba oil and even emu oil can soften these sebum or oil plugs but they don’t actually help to flush them away or remove them. However, this is one of the main reasons why we created the Zincplex Extra Strong Hair Shampoo Version.

Healthy Hair With ZincplexLet Our Zincplex do the work for you! The majority of customers get massive results with regards to the health of their hair after just a few weeks of regular use of Zincplex Hair Treatments. Yes, we do recommend the conditioner as well. It compliments the shampoo in many different ways! Some of the herbal ingredients are like topical, herbal stimulants for the hair!

The health of your hair is more about the hair root then it ever will be about the hair itself. Once the hair is out of the medulla then it is health has already been determined. Yes, you can damage hair that causes many different as well. But healthy hair is much harder to damage, burn, break etc!

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Try Zincplex And Get Faster,  Healthier Hair!