Scalp Scabs – Stop Picking and Start Healing These Sores with Zinc Pca

If you suffer from scalp scabs then you probably realize how hard it can be to get rid of them unless you understand what it really takes to cleanse out that hair follicle and set the conditions back to good.

For most people that suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic eczema as well as folliculitis on your head or even dandruff, you know that these sores spots can pop up at any time.

So What Causes Scalp Scabbing and How Can You Heal It?

The conditions listed above are the most common conditions that cause scalp scabs on the head. So which one is your problem. The easiest way to figure this out is to visit a doctor and get a diagnosis! However, if you want to self diagnose then when it comes to dandruff and especially seborrheic dermatitis then your scalp will tend to be oily. This is one of the dead give aways as to whether it is dry head flaking or outright dandruff flakes!

The culprit – when it comes to these sores you will find that overly oily scalps are almost always associated with most sores. This is typical as the fungus that causes dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and other problems feeds off these oils!

The Treatment That Doctors Give – No Long Term Value or Results

When it comes to the dermatologist they typically give prescriptions for medicated shampoos and steroids but most people will tell you, even the doctors that you can’t use the topical steroids long term as they will lend to an imbalance in the scalp and the result will be even worse problems down the road. This is why people with scabbing and sores say that they get around 10% satisfaction with doctors visits. There are not any real good long term answers there. We feel that the best solution is to create an environment in the scalp that any outside fungi or bacteria absolutely hate. This is done by deep cleansing the ¬†hair follicle and removing years of toxic build up! When you remove the outside coating on the scalp itself you will see amazing results as it will allow the outter most skin on the head to restore its healthy, preventive barrier!

Give this amazing product a try and see why so many people are choosing Zincplex products for a healthy scalp!

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Scalp Scabs Causes Pictures & Products That Work

When it comes to your scalp an slight imbalance can cause a lot of problems. These problems can steamroll into more serious problems if the imbalance is not fixed. Most of the time people with problems tend to focus on the end problem and not the imbalance and this causes the problems to linger or in many cases become much more severe.

This is the case with scalp scabs or sores as well as crusty scalp! The scab that you feel on your head is the final result but what caused the imbalance in the very delicate skin inside or just outside the hair follicle. The answer is typically a bacteria or fungal overgrowth.

What Causes The Main Imbalance For Scalp Scabs?
Most doctors will label your condition and call is either severe dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis of the scalp, eczema or a bacterial infection such as folliculitis. However, the important thing to note is that with the majority of these conditions the buildup inside the hair follicle is substantial, the ph of the scalp is too high and the scalp skin itself is down right toxic!

How Do You Correct An Imbalance?
The very first thing that should be done is to remove the foreign debris in side the follicle. This dirt, grime, product build up and more in nothing more than a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Finding the correct ingredients to do this is vital. We have found that literally none of the clarifying shampoos will deep cleanse the hair follicle.

There are however, many different herbs that literally melt away to sebum and dirt build up that allows the follicle to self flush. This is when a the flushed bacteria and fungus should be removed or destroyed. You can try regular otc dandruff type shampoos for this but after years of research we can tell you that zinc pca is by far the best ingredient. It is not only a natural bacteria and fungal fighter but it is also a natural way to decrease sebum production back to normal. This is vital since the bad bacteria and fungus feed of scalp oils. The zinc pca will not dry the scalp out but instead regulate the amount of oils that are produced on a regular basis

Itchy Or Bleeding Scalp Scabs – Here Is Your Remedy!

Deep cleanse and flush the follicle. Use a zinc pca conditioning treatment and finally keep the therapy coming for several weeks with all three Zincplex products. I know this works since I use these products myself.

I know This Works Because I Made Them For My Scabs, Sores & Severe Itching and Flaking

The Zinc Pca products were made by someone that suffered from this condition for nearly 20 years. The products were an answer to a very embarrasing condition. However, no the formulator or thousands upon thousands of other people are either totally symptom free or have complete control of their scalp symptoms because of the herbal and zinc based Zincplex shampoo, conditioners and deep penetrating lotion therapy for the roots!




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