I have Scabs on My Scalp That Won’t Heal??

This is actually a pretty common statement that we get from people, both men and women that are looking for answers. Most of them have tried all the different dandruff type shampoos on the market that have varying degrees of results. However, none really work to eliminate the symptoms to the point of you feeling good about it.

Scabs on the head typically come from the over abundance of very specific fungus on the scalp and even down in the hair follicle. These fungus are believe to occur on everyone’s scalp. The problem of scalp sores that turn into the scabs that you are suffering from happen when the balance is disrupted and the amount of the fungus and yeast jump up too high.

So if you are asking I have Scabs On My Scalp That Won’t Heal and Why Does This Happen? Read on…. There are variety of reasons and we will go over them in the blog post but understand that there are many products that will try to knock down the fungus but very few if any do the necessary steps to help restore balance to the scalp and especially inside the hair follicle.

If you are having this problem then one of the 1st things that you need to do is to remove the scalp build up that happens inside the hair follicle. This can lead to so many hair issues including hair thinning and definitely head sores and scalp scabs.

Zincplex Shampoo was created for a person that had this very problem – the owner. For nearly his entire adult life he suffered from the scabs on the back of the head, crown and at the hair line and of course around and behind the ears. If you want to regain health to your scalp then start with Zincplex Healthy Hair Kit. Deep Cleanse, Restore Ph, Change the Conditions that allow for scalp issues including sores, bleeding, weeping, scabs, dandruff patches, seborrheic dermatitis symptoms and much more.


That Winter Itch That Won’t Go Away.

What is your new years resolution? For many the answer is to be healthier and that means being healthier all the way around. For me, this was my New Years Resolution over 15 years ago but I was really talking about my scalp. It was in bad shape with red scales not only on my head but also in my eyebrows and in my ears including a little bit down into the canal. I had tried so many things including the T Gel tar shampoos, Head and Shoulders and more. My condition was called seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis.

For those of you that know what it is then you probably know about Zincplex. If you do not then understand – think of Dandruff on Steroids that seems relentless all of the scalp and it can affect the face, ears, eyebrows and more. But if you have this and have been given steroids and are using the anti-dandruff shampoos then it is time that you learn about Zincplex Shampoo, Conditioner and yes Lotion that can be used on the face including the beard for men.

I will use the next post to help you understand why we came up with Zincplex and why it helps with stubborn symptoms for both men and women. But just know that I was dealing with what you are right now and I do not anymore. I have controlled the symptoms with Zincplex. It is a tremendous help for anybody with itching, flaking, red scales and even for those that have scalp sores etc (you will want to spot test for open scalp sores).

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What Causes Seborrheic Dermatitis In the Eyebrows or Anywhere?

Seborrheic Dermatitis has been proven to be caused by a fungus called Malasezzia furfur. It is naturally occurring on the scalp and the skin. This means that a smaller amount is always found on the skin and the scalp. However, when the amount of fungus is escalated the symptoms that come with seborrhea also can get out of control.

What Are The Symptoms Of Seborrheic Dermatitis?
For most people seb derm can be found anywhere that there is a skin with a hair follicle no matter how small the hair follicle. For most it is found where there is a thicker hair. For example on the face it is often found in the eyebrows, beard for men, hair line, anywhere on the scalp but it is also found in places where cracks and crevices occur. We will explain this in just a minute. But here are some more places. Around the nose, top of the eyelids, in the ears, behind the ear, back of the neck at the hair line, back of the head where the skin fold meet and also on the chest, under the arms and in the pubic area.

The symptoms are flaking, itching, redness, serious itching, scalp and skin sores, bumps, acne like bumps that can occur anywhere. Finally, many people would simply term it is really bad dandruff that seems to really linger. Most would say that it is difficult to completely get rid of the symptoms.

Does Diet Affect Seborrheic Dermatitis?
Yes, if you are suffering from the symptoms anywhere on the body. The absolute 3 best things that you can do (other than specific hair and skin products) are to control your diet by keeping to a minimum sugar and milk, make sure to wash the areas everyday and finally stress will play a major role. Sometimes there is not much you can do about this.

With regards to diet we will write entire blog post about that next but know that especially during breakouts sugar and milk or worse both will causes breakouts to be extreme and lasting. A milkshake is your worst enemy.

To Control The Symptoms of Itching, Flaking, Redness and Even Bleeding or Sores make sure to try Zincplex Shampoo (also can be used as face wash) and Scalp Lotion (also used as face lotion – amazing for it actually).

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Zincplex was designed because we were suffering from the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis or eczema. We were not getting results. Now for over 15 years the original formula has been tweaked a little but I personally and the others have remained so loyal because the results have been phenomenal. And Remember that Zincplex is not medicated. You are not using harsh anti fungals. You will be using Zinc pca which is a natural anti fungus and anti bacteria as well as thyme sage fenugreek – herbs that when used together have amazing purifying properties that are second to none. When added to scalp cleansers that work together to work as deep cleansers an purifying for the hair follicle. Bad Dandruff Patches will respond to eliminate the conditions of the fungus that causes dandruff.

If you suffer from any of the above do yourself a huge favor and try Zincplex for 30 days! Make sure to do it for 30 days! There is a lot that will be going on to re-balance your scalp and skin during that 30 days.

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What Customers are Saying About Zincplex:

“I truly didn’t know what to think when I ordered it. I was hoping for something, really anything that would take away the serious scalp itching and massive dandruff flakes that I had. I have been dealing with this rap for years and years. I have tried so much I really felt like I was at the end of it. I never write but Zincplex has made my life so different. I went from extremely nervous about social situations because it was on my nose, face, eyebrows. At least in my hair it was harder to see. Zincplex lotion has worked better than anything I have bought from anywhere. It worked way better than what the Doctor gave me. I am so thankful! I hope people read this and they try it. It can really help you get back to a normal person. It did for me. A customer for ever. Amy Black Georgia

Best Oily Hair Shampoo For Women and Men?

If you know much about the hair care industry you know that #1 hair problem is dry hair but the #2 is oily hair and the 3rd is itching flaking etc. And by the way these are not sexy discriminate. These affect both men and women equally. The other thing that seems to change over time is that both men and women’s hair and scalp tend to become more dry as they get older but this typically isn’t showing up in life until you hit around 55 years old.

The active sebum or oily glands that we have when we are teenagers definitely significantly reduce once we get through adolescence but can pick back up at times of stress in our life. If you are going though a divorce expect to see a lot of the same skin and hair care problems that you had when you moving through puberty. Acne, oily skin especially specific zones. Oily hair and scalp as well as rashes that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

These are the body’s defense but also know that the defense has a few flaws and that it when we need to help out. By emitting excess oils through the skin pores and also through the hair follicles sebaceous glands it is trying to protect the skin and scalp. It is actually making it slippery for the bacteria, fungus and yeast. There is a small problem as with today’s society those oils can be filled with sugar based on our diet. This means that those oils are actually feeding certain fungus, yeast and bacteria that can cause scabs on scalp and itchy flaky dandruff patches with a sometimes very intense itch as well as painful pimples on scalp. This is when the nasty cycle begins. The bacteria get hold and the itching, flaking redness, head sores and similar can all be found. Some people notice scalp odor and bad hair smells. So helping your scalp and skin with regulating the amount of scalp oils or sebum that is produced is actually very important.

Zincplex products are formulated based on this very idea, to normalize the amount of sebum and to help regulate how much sebum is used by the body and skin. This is done with an ingredient called zinc pca. We also found that a very specific percentage of zinc when used with thyme and sage and ivy works amazing to break down excess scalp oils – but oddly enough does not have a stripping effect. It is not a clarifier. It acts more like a regulator leaving some of the oils on the scalp. The results amazed even us when we saw what was accomplished with the mixture that has made Zincplex one of the most sought after shampoos, conditioners and lotions on the market. If you are suffering from oily hair, scalp, skin or scalp odor or body odor give it a shot and we guarantee that you will absolutely love it.

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People Are Wanting To know How To get Rid of Scalp Fungus

Believe it or not one of the most asked questions that we get is how to get rid of scalp fungus. The answer truly depends on the type of fungus. Also is it a chronic condition or something that just popped up on you.

We would strongly suggest you seek the medical route if this is something that is new to you. If you have done that and are looking for answers then we are super glad that you are here because I have been through the same thing.

For years I suffered with seborrheic dermatitis which is caused by the fungus malasezzia furfur. It is also the main reason for dandruff. It is not the same as psoriasis – it appears that they would be kissing cousins but they are actually very different. When diagnosed properly they should be treated differently. If you are having itching, flaking, sores that can be oozing, bleeding and persistent and with all of this you tend to have an oily scalp then odds are you are dealing with the same fungus that I did and it would be termed seborrheic dermatitis.

If your scalp is really dry with these symptoms there is a chance it is more of a psoriasis or eczema situation. Moving forward if you are quite certain it is a scalp fungus that can have symptoms of white gunk on in your hair, itching, flaking, sores, scabs and similar then know this. I have done a lot of the research for you. I have researched the top ingredients that seem to have a lasting impactful effect on your hair and scalp health. I have also researched about the specific ph that your skin needs to help restore its own balance and protective shield.

I have worked at great lengths to find out which herbs and minerals deep cleanse away and irrigate stubborn bacteria and fungus. So if you are looking for answers – or at least more of them then click here to read more.

If you are looking to go ahead and try Zincplex – the same Zincplex that I have used for years and feel is without a doubt the best product on the market. The same Original One that gets voted as a TOP SOLUTION to create a healthy scalp every year then click here to order Zincplex.

“My name is Thomas and I am one of the founders of Zincplex. I didn;t do years of work and research trying to find a solution for scalp problems because I wanted to. I did it because my condition was so bad that I had to. I had tried everything from Head Shoulders, T Gel, Scalpicin and some of the others. Some, most provided temporary relief but most did not come anywhere to offering a long term solution for me. My called had a name put on it that the Doctors said was going to be there my whole life. They called it seborrheic dermatitis (1). If you are looking for help then keep reading or better yet take a leap of faith that this product can be your answer and give it a shot. Zincplex was a God Send for me and I am betting that it will be for you too.

If you have decided to try it make sure to give it at least 30 days to get to work. You are trying to deep cleanse away years of debris and possible sebum plugs. You are also trying to restore a specific balance to the scalp by achieving the intended ph of your scalp skin. Contact us if you have any questions. And Check back soon for my next blog post.

I have Scalp Pimples and Hair Loss What Can I Do?

Whenever there is a scalp problem it is most likely because the delicate balance is out of whack. So what exactly does this mean? The scalp prefers to be at a specific ph – this helps it to fight off bacteria and fungus – (the cause of scalp acne is bacteria but it gets a little more complicated). So if you are using shampoos and conditions that get the scalp’s ph away from its natural desired ph then right away problems can start and they are not just pimples. It can be itching, flaking, redness, bumps that look infected, be infected or just itch and sometimes they do none of the above. They are just there – but they are definitely there.

So the question is how do you restore balance. But before we talk about that please note that once this set of dominoes start to tumble it can get going. For example if you have bacteria problems note that it can be very stubborn and is afforded a very good hiding place which is inside the hair follicle. Now, if the hair follicle has dit, debris or sebum build up then it can be next to impossible to get rid of symptoms of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and similar problems – all the itching, flaking and similar issues that can seem severe or stubborn.

So in order to get your scalp’s health to optimal all of this must be cleansed away. A fresh start – just like replacing an air filter in the car. Brand new, fresh and clean. But that is a little easier said than done.

We have just posted an article on thyme o how it does an amazing job for hair from the root to the top but it is also part of the combination that we use to break down the stubborn sebum plugs and sebum that ca hardened and fill hair follicles. This is huge for getting normalcy and health back to the scalp and hair growth. Some of the others that we use are burdock and sage. Sage does a tremendous job of what we call irrigating the follicle but especially when combined with the burdock. Ivy Burdock is really good to also eliminate build up and it is a very good natural anti bacterial combination.

Keep reading our post to find out more about our mixture of herbs and a very specific amino acid on the salt pca! The results speak for themselves.

If you are suffering from Scalp Issues and have not tried Zincplex products you really should. They were invented by people that had problems just like you that were not getting results from other medicated products. The results were long term and you can use our Zincplex products as often as you would like. Zincplex.com/order.html

The Benefits of Thyme Herb In The Hair

Most people don’t realize how important and how effective herbs can be for the hair and the scalp. We wanted to show a couple of researched and tested and yes, published results with thyme for healthy hair an scalp. Without a doubt you will see how beneficial the herbs that we use in Zincplex can be. And please note that we do not just add very small and insignificant amounts. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9828867

This was a 43 patient, 7 month trial for those suffering from alopecia areata. You can visit the link above the see the amazing results that can happen with some of the best hair and skin herbs available. Often times you will hear it described as aromatherapy. They use the word therapy because in most parts of the world medicines are a last and final result. Aromatherapy and herbs are the first and most often used lie of defense. They are not toxic – especially when applied topically. There is no lethal does like many medicines have. Herbs also help to restore the structure and function of the hair cells and skin cells. https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-823/thyme

thyme shampoo - how it works for hair growth and darker hair

Visit Zincplex.com to learn more about the items that we have and it will make sense as to why year in and out Zincplex is voted as the best choice for those that suffer with so many different scalp problems and issues.

Here Is Info On Sebum Or Oily Scalp or Skin Regulation – Zinc PCA

We are often asked about the ingredients that we put in Zincplex that make it a very effective product to help with oily skin, scalp and a lot of the problems associated with it. Here you can read about Zincidone which is a specific brand of Zinc pca. https://cosmetics.specialchem.com/product/i-solabia-zincidone

Here you can see that the testing has been done and it shows that the inc pca itself is also:


bio/ organic


sebum absorption / shining reducing

vegetal origin.

The manufacturer website is here and you can see that the application calls for between .1 and 1%. Zincplex uses a blend of herbs as well as this. However, we believe that .1 % is too small and that 1% can have a drying effect so we have a very specific tried mixture that we use that produces th results that our customers are looking for.


It is referred to as a Sebum regulator and we believe that it is the best. It works well for human beings as well as animals that suffer from quite a different skin issues. It works by by reducing sebum secretion by inhibiting 5 α-reductase.

Here is more information regarding Zinc pca. Click Here to Learn more about it https://incidecoder.com/ingredients/zinc-pca . Here is some testing that has been done by the manufacturer and shows why it is so effective!


If you have any questions On Zincplex Products that use Zinc PCA Zincidone then please contact us. We have been making Zincplex products for over 15 years with an amazing repeat customer base that is driven by results from so many different skin and scalp problems. Zincplex.com

It’s Time To Handle Scalp Sores and Hair Loss

For Many People these two go together but when you visit a hair stylist and ask her what she thinks you can get a lot of different answers – everything form chemical burns to you might be having an allergic reaction to shampoos of even – did you touch your scalp with the curling iron.

The fact of the mater is that if you have been suffering with scalp sores for a lit bit then it is probably not any of the above. Most scalp sores come from an excess amount of yeast, fungus or bacteria on the scalp. If your hair or scalp is oily and you are having the scalp sores along with itching and flaking then the Dermatologists will call this Seborrheic Dermatitis. It can also cause hair loss or thinning and not just in the areas that are itching or flaking. Seborrhea can cause diffuse hair thinning over the scalp in men and women. So now you are wondering what can you do about it?

Remember that there is male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness but this is not that. This is a thinning occurs and we believe, having dealt with it personally and with literally hundreds if not thousands of customers, from the inflammation inside the hair follicle. The redness and itching that often accompany are also secondary and must be dealt with.

So what is causing the inflammation. That would be the excess yeast, bacteria or fungus. Remember that dandruff by itself is a fungus and often times an yeast or bacteria piles on.

Zincplex was made with Zinc pca and the reason why we put it in there was because of all the studies that showed how effective it was as a natural anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti yeast agent. And remember it is not a chemical so this is not a medicated shampoo. This means that even once your becomes balanced you can still use Zincplex shampoo and conditioner without any long term negative side effects. Remember these herbs are purifying and irrigating to watch and expel build up inside the follicle where inflammation gets out of hand. Cut the inflammation and the blood supply returns and so does optimal hair growth.

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Oily Itchy Scalp Problems
The Result Of Excess Sebum For Bacteria and Fungus in The Hair Follicle.

In the slide below you can see how the build up carries over and the scalp sores begins to start on the scalp. Purify to create balance and this balance is what you need for dandruff scabs and a scalp scab problem ! That is what we have always believed!

Sebum Plug Has to Be Removed For Irrigation To Start?

This is what a Real Hair Looks Like With The Sebum Plug!

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What Cause Scalp Odor and Smelly Hair

There is a simple answer to that and there is also a much more in depth and complex answer. The answer is based on my experience of 18 years of analyzing hair follicle through microscopes, dealing with my own scalp problems earlier in my life and through the product suppliers that I deal with that spend millions of dollars on research finding the ingredients that help with these issues.

For most people with scalp odor the balance – the natural balance that was intended is out of whack. That’s a pretty simple answer I know but it is the truth. Our body, skin has a natural defense system that is based on ph and defense from infestation in the follicle by secreting sebums and oils. We also have a natural lipid barrier that is destroyed not only by the infestation of fungus, bacteria and yeast but it is also destroyed by the hair products that we are using. I will write more about this later.

For now if you want to gt started on the path to healing the scalp skin and deep cleansing and purifying follicles read more Zincplex – that is exactly what is was designed for. http://www.zincplex.com/odor.html

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