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Scalp Fungus? Use This! Shampoo, Conditioner & Lotion With Special Zinc & Herbs:

 Scalp fungus can cause serious scalp symptoms including itching, hair loss, flaking, raised bumps and a host of other problems. One of the best solutions form symptoms is Zincplex scalp lotion, scalp shampoo and therapeutic conditioner!

Why Use Zincplex For Scalp Fungus Symptoms?
The special zinc compound is natural and effective. Zincpca-c is proven to be a natural based anti fungal. Most anti fungal shampoos are extremely harsh and many offer very minimal results. What make Our Zincplex shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion unbeatable is the deep cleansing ability to irrigate and purify along with the zinc that actually kills both bad bacteria and fungus. We do not know of another ingredient like the zinc compound that is naturally effective against a very strain of fungi. Super hydrating and super effective for your scalp and hair!  The herbs are designed to clear out debris, dirt, bacteria etc from the scalp, hair follicle opening and the hair root system with a gentle but very, very effective cleansing and irrigation.

What Treatments Work Best For Your Scalp Problems!
Many of the traditional hair shampoos and scalp treatments are designed for very short term use! Zincplex™ was designed for short term and long term benefits. Get visible results with the Zincplex Kit. It has repeatedly been voted the #1 product for a healthy scalp for a slew of different hair and scalp problems! CREATE THE PERFECT SCALP WITH ZINCPLEX!

Does It Cause Hair Loss Or Thinning?
It can cause hair loss, however if you if treat it properly then you should not have any problems with fungi causing any type of thinning. If you are already experiencing thinning from a long term fungi problem such as malassezia (the cause of dandruff) then make sure to go after the cause with Zincplex products. You can read more about it in the Zincplex blog that offers information on many different scalp problems.

Which Product Should I Use?
Zincplex uses an ingredient that is considered a breakthrough with regards to eliminating symptoms of over 25 different scalp problems. See why we are rated #1 time and time again! The herbal solution works the best!

























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Zincplex is one of the leading products for solving scalp symptoms that include seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic eczema, scalp psoriasis, scalp fungus symptoms, scalp acne and head pimples
or zits, dandruff Zinc Pca helps to eliminate bacteria -the actual cause of pimples that begin beneath the scalp! Try Zincplex and see why it is the #1 rated Scalp Product on the market today.
Greasy or oily hair and scalp are caused by an overactive sebaceous gland. The special zinc is proven to control the excess amount of scalp oils that are made by the sebum gland.




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