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ZincPlex For Oily & Greasy Hair - Works Like Nothing Else Does!

Zincplex™ for oily scalp and hair? You bet! Our Products have a combination of 6 amazing ingredients. What makes this combination so effective
and sought after is that they are herbal and mineral based - not chemical! This means that your scalp is not being bombarded with harsh antifungal chemicals
that can do damage to the scalp over the long term. These herbs also never lose their effectiveness.

We have the magic mineral that will stop your sebum glands from excess oil production - the gland that produces oils inside the hair follicle - from producing too many oils. But note that it a regulator therefore, it does not shut off the sebum gland entirely. Having some oils is important. By using this Zinc Based Mineral it allows the sebum gland to produce enough for a healthy level but not so that you get greasy head or hair!

HERBS are the best solution but most companies don't use enough to matter. Instead they would rather use harsh clarifying ingredients. Don't harm your scalp but instead gently reset your entire system from hair to hair follicle back to normal. SEE WHY THESE PRODUCTS ARE CONSISTENTLY VOTED #1

Zincplex™ uses Zinc PCA to regulate the amount of oils that the scalp produces. It is like setting the thermostat to the perfect temperature. The Zinc PCA will
regulate the amount of oils that are produced. The herbs deep cleanse to remove any plugs or clogged hair follicles that often cause the scalp to over produce and
cause the head to get greasy!

If you are suffering from greasy hair, oily scalp, excessive oily problems then check out the #1 product for this. You will be glad that you did!



This picture shows excess build up of oil and grease around the hair follicle and the hair shaft! This is what Zincplex works on the remove the excess build up! Zinc pca has been proven to prevent the production of excess sebum!

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