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Head Acne Treatment? Try Zincplex With Zinc!

Scalp Acne is Easily Handled with Deep Cleansing Herbs & Zinc!

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Head acne is often overlooked as a major area of acne. However, when scalp pimples or acne on the head becomes a problem most people reach for typical acne treatments but find these often do more damage than good for head acne. Typical creams and lotions are often very drying to the scalp and hair. The creams and lotions are not designed to get down deep into the hair follicle where the acne bacteria hides.

What Causes Scalp Acne?
Scalp acne is caused by bacteria, the same cause of typical acne. However, head acne bacteria is found deep inside the hair follicle. This makes it different from other acne that is easily reached by topicals. With people that suffer from acne on the head we have found that almost all have trapped bacteria inside the hair follicle. This is why our Acne Kit works so well. The shampoo removes built up debris around and inside the hair follicle. This is a vital step to allowing the conditioner treatment and lotion to get deep inside the hair follicle and destroy the bacteria.

Zincplex has been consistently voted as the best solution for scalp acne, stubborn pimple on the head as well as those that suffer acne on the back and chest. Try our body wash for body acne. The combination of natural zinc (eradicates the bacteria), herbs (deep cleansers that open the clogged hair follicles).

If you suffer from Head Pimples or Acne on The Head then use the top products that are natural based and offer amazing results! Zincplex is designed to give long term results!



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Why Zincplex is #1?

Because it creates the perfect environment for your scalp and hair to be healthy! The result is symptom elimination of the most common scalp problems!



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