What Cause Scalp Odor and Smelly Hair

There is a simple answer to that and there is also a much more in depth and complex answer. The answer is based on my experience of 18 years of analyzing hair follicle through microscopes, dealing with my own scalp problems earlier in my life and through the product suppliers that I deal with that spend millions of dollars on research finding the ingredients that help with these issues.

For most people with scalp odor the balance – the natural balance that was intended is out of whack. That’s a pretty simple answer I know but it is the truth. Our body, skin has a natural defense system that is based on ph and defense from infestation in the follicle by secreting sebums and oils. We also have a natural lipid barrier that is destroyed not only by the infestation of fungus, bacteria and yeast but it is also destroyed by the hair products that we are using. I will write more about this later.

For now if you want to gt started on the path to healing the scalp skin and deep cleansing and purifying follicles read more Zincplex – that is exactly what is was designed for. http://www.zincplex.com/odor.html

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