It’s Time To Handle Scalp Sores and Hair Loss

For Many People these two go together but when you visit a hair stylist and ask her what she thinks you can get a lot of different answers – everything form chemical burns to you might be having an allergic reaction to shampoos of even – did you touch your scalp with the curling iron.

The fact of the mater is that if you have been suffering with scalp sores for a lit bit then it is probably not any of the above. Most scalp sores come from an excess amount of yeast, fungus or bacteria on the scalp. If your hair or scalp is oily and you are having the scalp sores along with itching and flaking then the Dermatologists will call this Seborrheic Dermatitis. It can also cause hair loss or thinning and not just in the areas that are itching or flaking. Seborrhea can cause diffuse hair thinning over the scalp in men and women. So now you are wondering what can you do about it?

Remember that there is male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness but this is not that. This is a thinning occurs and we believe, having dealt with it personally and with literally hundreds if not thousands of customers, from the inflammation inside the hair follicle. The redness and itching that often accompany are also secondary and must be dealt with.

So what is causing the inflammation. That would be the excess yeast, bacteria or fungus. Remember that dandruff by itself is a fungus and often times an yeast or bacteria piles on.

Zincplex was made with Zinc pca and the reason why we put it in there was because of all the studies that showed how effective it was as a natural anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti yeast agent. And remember it is not a chemical so this is not a medicated shampoo. This means that even once your becomes balanced you can still use Zincplex shampoo and conditioner without any long term negative side effects. Remember these herbs are purifying and irrigating to watch and expel build up inside the follicle where inflammation gets out of hand. Cut the inflammation and the blood supply returns and so does optimal hair growth.

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Oily Itchy Scalp Problems
The Result Of Excess Sebum For Bacteria and Fungus in The Hair Follicle.

In the slide below you can see how the build up carries over and the scalp sores begins to start on the scalp. Purify to create balance! That is what we have always believed!

Sebum Plug Has to Be Removed For Irrigation To Start?
This is what a Real Hair Looks Like With The Sebum Plug!

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