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why does my hair smell so bad? 

Odor Is The Result Not The Cause - Here is The Cause For Many and What We Recommend:

For over 7% of of both men and women smelly scalp odor is a major problem! It is something that can baffling to the people searching for a solution or remedy. Getting straight answers is like pulling teeth. What causes it? How Do You Treat it? Will it ever do away? These are typical questions but most doctors and medical professionals don't have the answers. The success or satisfaction rate from people that visit their doctors is very, very low. Often times there is a white gunk associated with the sour smell.

Trying To Find Answers To The Causes Of That Smell Coming From Your Head? Read This!

!For almost all the people that we deal with we believe the answer is bacteria build up under the hair follicle or fungus on the scalp. This fungus can be mild in presentation except for the smells that it emits. The hair follicle provides a deep area where bacteria can hide and flourish. It is protected by the slim follicle opening and typically the build up at the opening. For that bacteria to be targeted there must be a series of events.  Zincplex Brand was designed with herbs to open the hair follicle, flush the hair follicle and then ingredient zinc pca was designed to go after what was left of bacteria and even fungus. You can read more about Zincpca on our proof in the ingredients page.

A Case History - Read This Women's Story:

Margaret Chalin has suffered from smells that she thought came from here hair. She believed that certain shampoos were casing it but after rotating these shampoos and trying new ones she did not get any answers to the cause. She went to see her family doctor how then sent her to a dermatologist. He tried several prescription strength products on her to no avail. The thing that was most frustrating is that no one could her to understand what was causing this problem.

Feeling like she had to take matters into her own hands she started doing research on the subject. She found site forums that Recommended she visit When she visited our page she realized for the first time that the cause is probably the bacteria that is built up under the hair follicle. This is why the normal shampoos and conditioners were not helping. They didn't have the ingredients and tools necessary to get the job done!

Our Magic Ingredients:

Why Zincplex Brand products works is the intense but natural based combination of ingredients. You have never used a shampoo, scalp treatment or conditioning therapy like these. They were meant to deep cleanse and purify like no other product on the market. They are safe enough to use everyday but you don't have to! Get your scalp back to good!

Order your Zincplex shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion today to end your smelly scalp odor problems! Available in extra strength as well. 



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