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Itchy Oily Scalp Gone With ZincPlex  Scalp Products:

Zincplex™ - Itchy and oily go together when it comes to your scalp! Scalp oils are produced by the sebum glands for several reasons including your body's reaction to a dry scalp, dry hair, reaction to dandruff, fungus, Folliculitis, scalp acne and more. Your body send signals to the sebum glands to produce more when it is stressed etc. The problem with excess scalp oils is that these oils tend to feed bacteria, fungus, the cause of dandruff as well as these oils cause your scalp to itch more !

Why Use Zincplex For Itchy Oily Scalp?
The herbs and a special zinc compound make this shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion unbeatable for its deep cleansing ability. We do not know of another ingredient like the zinc compound that actually controls the amount of sebum that is produced by the sebum gland inside the hair follicle. It does not dry your scalp and hair out but instead limits the amount produced to a healthy level!  The herbs inside Zincplex
get deep down inside the hair follicle to cleanse the hair follicle and the hair root system with a gentle but very, very effective cleansing.

Many of the traditional hair shampoos and scalp treatments will dry out your scalp and hair! They leave your hair like straw and very dry. Zincplex™ was designed to do just the opposite. It has repeatedly been voted the #1 product for a healthy scalp!

















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Zincplex is one of the leading products for solving scalp symptoms that include seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic eczema, scalp psoriasis, scalp fungus symptoms, scalp acne and head pimples
or zits, dandruff Zinc Pca helps to eliminate bacteria -the actual cause of pimples that begin beneath the scalp! Try Zincplex and see why it is the #1 rated Scalp Product on the market today.
Greasy or oily hair and scalp are caused by an overactive sebaceous gland. The special zinc is proven to control the excess amount of scalp oils that are made by the sebum gland.




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