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Zincplex Common Questions

What ingredients make your product work?

The main ingredient is called zinc pca. This is a very special chelated form of zinc. Remember that zinc is the body's natural anti biotic found abundantly in the skin (for most people). There are however quite a few people that either have low zinc levels in the scalp or they have depleted. Zinc pca has been determined to be naturally anti bacterial, naturally anti fungal and helps to eliminate foreign organisms that cause scalp issues. On top of all that Zinc pca - when used at the correct levels - is a dht inhibitor. Dht is the main hormone that causes hair loss in men and women. On a final note zinc pca acts as a thermostat to regulate the amount of oils that the scalp produces - this prevents over oily conditions on the scalp and inside the hair follicle. Excess oil lends to scalp problems as the enzymes that cause hair loss and the bacteria that causes scalp acne, Folliculitis and more feed off these oils!

Other important ingredients include specific herbals - thyme, sage, fenugreek, ivy, burdock and then of course our scalp lotion also includes tea tree oil and other essential oils that purify and cleanse the scalp of impurities!

What makes your product different that products like Head and Shoulders, Selseun Blue, T Gel and Nizoral?

We are not a short term solution. You will get immediate results from serious scalp symptoms but more importantly Zinc plex is used to give your scalp a fresh new start. Deep cleansing and irrigating the scalp of harmful bacteria, fungi and more. Hardened sebum is broken down to eliminate scalp and sebum plugs that prevent oxygen flow to the hair root as well as prevent blood flow that carries nourishment to the hair root itself. The ingredients go after the bacteria and fungus that can grow out of control while herbs purify and deep cleanse inside the hair follicle!

Why is your product effective against so many scalp problems?

Because it resets the scalp. Cleansing, purifying, irrigating the hair follicle, removing bacteria and excess fungus from the hair follicle allows the scalp to regain health. This is done through the ingredients like herbs and zinc pca as well as through ph correction.

Do you offer a refund policy or guarantee?

Yes we offer a complete 90 day money back guarantee on all of our Zincplex Products! We believe in Zincplex - it was founded with results in mind. The owner is the original user of Zincplex and has used Zincplex for a lifelong scalp issue that is no longer a scalp problem. It is that effective. The return rate is less than 1/2%. IT WORKS!

What scalp problems does Zincplex work best for?

How many different products do you offer?

We offer several different Zincplex products including shampoos, conditioners, scalp lotions, body wash and body lotion. These products can be used for wide variety of symptoms including dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, itchy scalp, scalp flaking and flakes, beard dandruff, eyebrow dandruff, ear dandruff and flaking, seborrheic dermatitis on the face, nose, eyebrows as we as body odor products. Many people, both men and women have found that Zincplex is remarkable for hair thinning, There are numerous causes of hair thinning and hair loss. Almost all of them start with an unhealthy scalp, unhealthy hair follicles. This is where Zinc Plex is so valuable! Learn More! Better Yet! Try ZINCPLEX and be amazed at how healthy your scalp can be RESET YOUR SCALP TO HEALTHY! Healthy Hair Grows from a Healthy Scalp!






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