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ZincPlex - What Are The Causes And Solutions For A Tender Irritated Scalp:

An irritated, red or tender scalp are all signs of bacteria inside the hair follicle. This can also be caused by a fungus on the sensitive skin on the head! There are many different fungi that can be present. The main thing to note is that healthy scalp prevents both the bacteria and fungus from growing out of control!

Most Remedies or Treatments Don't Work....Why?

Many of our customers have already tried the products that their doctors prescribed and these range from steroids to heavily medicated shampoos with tars and anti fungal agents. Many of our experience very short term relief from the symptoms but nothing very long. We believe this is because these products do very little to reset the balance of the scalp. This is done by removing the dirt and debris that harbor the bacteria as well as the fungus. Most tender head issues are related to the the follicle and the bottom part of the root. This sheath that the hair sits in is perfectly shaped to keep cleansers and scalp treatments out. Making it even more difficult is the fact that the sebum gland kicks it to try and remove the bacteria - however, this sebum gland can emit sebum that also sticks to the bacteria, and it not expelled can become a layer above the bacteria making even more difficult to clear out the problem dirt, debris and bacteria. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Will Zincplex Work On A Tender Scalp?

We constantly get feedback from our customer about our products. We know that the main cause of tenderness anywhere on the head is an imbalance in the delicate skin on the head. Another cause is anxiety or stress. However, we believe that the anxiety and the stress cause an imbalance as well. We know that our products work well for both causes!

-Deep Cleanse The Hair Follicle
-Purify The Hair Follicle For Amazing Results
-Remove Bad Bacteria That Causes Tender To The Touch Head
-Create The Perfect Ph Balance Within Your Follicle and Surrounding Skin
-Amazing Ingredients That Are Herbal and Mineral Based

Symptoms of Bacteria Build Up In The Hair Follicle:

-Mild, Moderate To Severe Itching
-Mild Moderate To Severe Flaking
-Sensitive or Tenderness Anywhere on the Head
-Peeling Skin and Crusty Areas Anywhere on The Head
-Hair Thinning and Even Hair Loss In Women and Men
-Dry Hair That Grows Very Slow
-Open Sores Anywhere on the scalp
-Bumps and Even Acne on The Head
-much more!



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