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ZincPlex For Mens Thinning Hair and Hair Loss Symptoms:

Zincplex Works Amazingly Well To Remove Deep Oils That Feed Enzymes that In Turn Allow Testosterone to Turn Into Dht! The most common cause
of hair thinning in men is the hormone dht. It can become present starting at ages as early as 18 years old. However, also note that DHT is just one of the causes
of hair loss in men and in women. Other major causes that can go hand in hand or be separate from DHT are clogged or blocked hair follicles, sebum plugs, excess
bacteria in and around the root of the hair, stress (cuts down blood flow and circulation), lack of circulation in general, lack of specific nutrition and other minor problems.

Zincplex Hair Products are designed to deep cleanse, irrigate the hair follicle to remove bacteria build up, debris, dht and similar. This is vital since removing this allows
for proper circulation to the hair root, which allows for maximum hair growth. We also put very specific stimulating herbs in our shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion to
to enhance circulation which is vital for maximum growth.

If you suffer from hair loss, hair thinning or even hair that is starting to grow slower or look more dull in appearance then do something about it. Zincplex guarantees that we
will offer visible results for your problem. We have been voted the top Healthy Scalp Shampoo for many years running. Maybe it's time you find out why!






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