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ZincPlex For Bumps On Your Scalp:

Scalp Bumps are pretty common and can be caused a combination of different factors. The biggest cause of is an unclean hair follicle  that leads to the growth of bacteria, similar to the bacteria that causes acne in the skin. Zincplex™ is the preferred solution by Doctors around the world to get rid of any bump on the head! Everybody is different and the different types of bump can give you an indication of the cause. Let  our herbal and mineral based products help you get fast results.

The main ingredients in this amazing Shampoo, Conditioner and Follicle Lotion are herbal and mineral. This means that you DO NOT have to worry about the harsh anti fungals that they often put in other, over the counter medicated shampoos and conditioners and treatments. Specifically 5 herbs deep cleanse, break down debris, open the hair follicle as it should be. Ti does this where most shampoos cannot reach.

By flushing the hair follicle and removing hardened sebum at the hair follicle opening as well as around the hair root, your hair follicle will be flushed of the impurities that can many different head problems including itchy bumps, red, white, tiny, small, hard and even acne or pimples that are on or in the head.

Deep Cleanse, Flush the Follicle, Remove Bacteria, Dirt etc and then finally reset ph of the skin on the head! All of these steps are vital to creating the perfect environment. The result is a long term solution to your head sore issues!

Great smelling! Never any tar or medicine smells. These are herbal and mineral based products at their very best!

Our Herbal Based family hair and body products are some of the best selling products available and have been repeatedly voted #1! Give us a try - but if for some reason you need to return our products we offer a full 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee! We are that confident in our products! They work like no other by resetting the scalp back to normal and healthy as opposed to single, one time treatments.





















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