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why does my hair smell so bad? 

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A bad smelling scalp is one of the many common problems that people face when the bacteria or fungus content on their scalp skin becomes too high! This typically happens when the hair follicle is not properly cleansed! The result is that bacteria is funneled down into the hair follicle. This is the perfect place for bacteria and fungus to grow without interruptions since most shampoos do nothing to cleanse down inside the hair follicle and around the hair root!

What Specifically Causes Smelly Hair Or Head?

99% of the time the answer is the bacteria and fungus build up! Think of how bacteria can get between your toes and on your feet when you sweat. The easy solution is for athletes to keep their feet clean. However, the hair follicle allows this same type of bacteria to move down into a hole inside the hair follicle. There the bacteria can hide and avoid while it multiplies. Many people that start with odor problems quickly realize that their problems turn into other issues such as fungus on the head itself, acne on the scalp, bumps on the head and even problems such as widespread or concentrated hair loss. But also note that when this bacteria is not flushed it can cause hair growth problems including making your hair fragile and easily broken as well as dull or slow growing. All of these can be a result of an imbalance that occurs inside the follicle opening and down around the hair root!

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