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Scalp Sores can be extremely itchy, open and even sometimes bleeding. Zincplex™ was designed to help get the very cause of the related problems. An bacterial of fungal imbalance inside the hair follicle allows for excess of bacteria and fungus to grow. The added ingredient (ZINCPCA) has been tested and proven to eliminate excess bacteria, fungus and slow down the excess production of grease or excess oils that all lead to hair related problems. All of these lead to head sores !!

An Unhealthy Scalp Can Be Helped & Other Symptoms - What Causes A Scalp Sore?
Sores on your Scalp Causes are typically Seborrheic Dermatitis, a bad form of dandruff is one of the leading causes of open or itchy patches that often show up in anywhere on the head or hair line.

Another cause is psoriasis on the head or seborrheic eczema. A third is bacteria that can cause bumps and acne on the head. It causes an excess itching on the head. The ingredients in our products
work to deep cleanse and purify the follicle like no other hair products do. However, it is extremely gentle and hydrating to prevent drying of the hair and skin on the head. Bacteria hat grows deep inside inside the hair follicle can cause serious symptoms such itching and or tender head, itchy spots, painful, sore spots that are sometimes open and even bleeding. It can also cause little bumps that can be white or red!

We are so sure that Zincplex™ products will work for you we offer the strongest money back guarantee in the business. We offer a full 90 day money back guarantee!

-Deep Cleanse The Follicle of Hardened Sebum and Dirt
-Purify The Scalp & Hair Follicle
-Remove Bad Bacteria That Causes Tender Follicles and Head
-Create The Perfect Ph Balance For Optimal Growth and Follicle Health
-Amazing Ingredients That Are Herbal and Mineral Based
-Herbal Based Means Gentle but Effective Results
-Create A Healthy Follicle Today!

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What Causes Scalp Sores and How To Get Rid of Them



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