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ZincPlex For A Tender Scalp:

If your scalp is tender to the touch in places then you may want to consider our herbal based products. There are many different reasons for tender areas on the scalp that only a doctor can diagnose. However, our products are designed to restore balance to the hair follicle without using harsh medicated shampoos or steroids.

A proper PH, An agent called zinc pcac to eliminate bacteria and fungus and herbs that deep cleanse make our products second to none for creating that healthy hair follicle and hair itself that you are looking for. Let us help you like we have helped thousands of other men and women across the world!

What Are The Causes Of Tenderness?

We constantly get feedback from our customer about our products. We know that the main cause of tenderness anywhere on the head is an imbalance in the delicate skin on the head. Another cause is anxiety or stress. However, we believe that the anxiety and the stress cause an imbalance as well. We know that our products work well for both causes!

-Deep Cleanse The Hair Follicle
-Purify The Hair Follicle For Amazing Results
-Remove Bad Bacteria That Causes Tender To The Touch Head
-Create The Perfect Ph Balance Within Your Follicle and Surrounding Skin
-Amazing Ingredients That Are Herbal and Mineral Based

















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