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Why Use Zincplex Hair & Body Products! See Testing Results Below!

Zinc PCA Tested By One of The Largest Chemical Companies In  The World!

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In a recent study Anjinomoto company tested zinc pca-c to see the actual benefits of this most recently applauded form of zinc.

The Zinc Pca-c TEST Results:

Zinc PCa Reduces Sebum produced on the skin and in the hair follicle - (oily hair, oily scalp, oily skin)


Zinc pca reduced the amount of bacteria found  (scalp sores, scalp acne, body acne, facial acne, scalp odor, hair odor, body odor)


Zinc Pca reduced the amount of candida found


Zinc PCa prevented Dht from forming  (hair thinning and hair loss) (anti dht)


Zinc PCa Prevented Dht From Forming In The Skin (hair growth on the face of women) (anti dht)


Zinc Pca had a negative effect on numerous foreign organism that try to live in the skin ( dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, Folliculitis)


Zincplex Shampoo uses Zinc pca along with numerous cleansing herbs to purify the scalp and hair. Zincplex body wash and facial cleanser uses zinc pca and herbs to have the same effect on the skin on the body!

Why Zincplex is #1?

Proven Ingredients mean results for your skin and scalp problems and scalp issues! Zincplex is not a drug. It is a natural based shampoo, body wash, scalp lotion, hair conditioner that uses zinc pca and herbs to eliminate signs and symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, scalp acne, pimples in the scalp, pimples on the scalp, scalp sores, itchy scalp and much more!



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